Classroom Arrangements

Arranging your family room can be a challenge, but a classroom even harder! With 23 bodies to match the furniture your moving about it’s not an easy task. Not knowing who is going to be chatty, need to be near a door, where the board will be, or the room size can make planning for a future room a bit stressful. I’ve seen rooms that have been converted closets, the room dictated the desk arrangement, or others were they were two classrooms in size! Big or small you have to arrange them all. Not knowing what my room or your room (my dear reader) may look like in the future its hard to say how I will set it up. So I went and decided to look at a bunch of arrangements I liked and post them here.

I wanted to leave space for movement in my classroom because I like to keep learners active in both the brain and body. In many of these arrangements you will notice space is purposely left in areas of the classroom for movement or desks are pre-clustered to allow partner or collaborative work. While I’m going to be a wonderful teacher, who is better to re-word directions or repeat a missed direction than a peer? I’ve included a few easy alternative seating ideas as well. As an adult learner it is hard to sit in a desk for a long stretch of time, as a child learner it’s even harder! Options are great, if you can learn on the floor, a pillow, or ball great! I’m happy if everyone is learning.

However I wouldn’t leave you handing with out a link out to help create a more traditional room too! Scholastic provides this nice virtiral classroom tool teacher can use FOR FREE to arrange a room. All you do is drag and drop your basic classroom layout (windows, doors, shape) and then place in the furniture. They have most of the basic classroom tables and desks there so it’s a nice jump point.

I hope that you find this assortment of seating ideas helpful to you!

Enjoy and Grow,

-Miss. Moriah-


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