Classroom Jobs and Scheduling

Having been in a classroom where the teacher never assigned students jobs I see the value in it even more now than before being in his room. Student jobs not only help the classroom run smoother because they help tasks get accomplished as a community but the jobs also take stress off of the teacher. Asking students to help with small tasks can help free up the few minutes in the day you need to help explain a challenging math problem to a student.

Having jobs in the classroom are not only beneficial to the teacher but the students. Students will learn responsibility by taking on small tasks weekly and rotating why gets each task. While being the paper passer or official lunch counter isn’t a huge task, students don’t usually want to let their classmates down.  After all, they want the spelling test back or their lunch accurately put in just as much as their peers.

Jobs are not the only part of making a schedule in the classroom. It’s important for students, especially those who struggle to read time, to know whats going on when. Having a schedule posted in the room of the daily routine can be useful to not only the students but the teacher. If you are running late to music and the clock looks like the picture someone is sure to remind you!

I love the idea of using calender’s to help students know what is going on later in the months as well. You can place little cards in the slots (that can be a classroom job) or simply print one out from Google to display with icons for major events/ holidays. If you print one it’s nice to get it done BIG! Then you can write notes for due dates to students in colors as reminders in the room.

Enjoy and Grow!

-Miss. Moriah-

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