Fidgets are the perfect little tool for classroom teachers of all grade levels. So what’s a fidget? A fidget is a little toy or object you use to fill a need of releasing excess energy. Students can have then attached to their desk or hold them in their hands. They can be DIY, store bought, soft, hard, twisty, bouncy, the possibilities are almost endless!

While fidgets may not be good tools for all learners they can help many. Here you will find links to explore if they may work for you, easy to make fidgets, and some store bought ones too!

Learn and Grow,

-Miss. Moriah

Articles and Info

I’m not a sit still teacher. How can i expect sit still students? Learn more about why fidgeting is ok and can even be beneficial by exploring the articles posted here.

  • The WSJ posted an article about how the may benefit students with ADHD to fidget as they learn.
  • This former preschool teacher posted about her experience with fidgets. She defines them and gives some inexpensive younger user examples.
  • The NEA posted a nice article with some teacher reflections on how you can accommodate the wiggles.
  • Within this article you will find many ideas for sensory fidgets to use in your classroom.
  • While this article does not relate to students, it relates to the ones they love. It was interesting how their school tool can be used in a different setting and I thought it would be worth the share.

Fidgets of Fun!

-These were created for office health. But they could be great fidgets if used appropriately.

-This site has all the fidgets you could ever want!

fidget 1 Fidget 2 fidget 3 fidget 4 fidget 5 fidget6


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