Movement for Success!

Teachers know that kids need movement in their day to stay focused. Sitting on the floor or at a desk for too long would make anyone wiggly and unfocused! Children, especially in earlier grades, need movement in their day to help the brain and body stay alert and energized. Even small change ups in how you as the students to move in the room can have an impact throughout the day. Check out this post for links and suggestions on how to get you classroom moving throughout the day.


Move to learn:

  • Teach students to edit each other sentences in a new fun way. The work walk where students take pens and edit 1-3 errors they see on each others papers while rotating in a clockwise motion. Students can be assigned to capitalization, punctuation, etc.

  • If editing item for practice on the bard get students moving even bigger! Ask students to stand up and use their bodies to help show the corrections as you read. (e.g. a capitalized letter is represented by raising both hands in the air in a tepee or an exclamation point is represented by jumping up and down in place. A period can be an index finder forward in personal space).


  • What about math?Demonstrates positive and negative integers by creating a human number line. Or go outside and create arrays within your class size.
  • I borrowed this from another teacher, thank you Mrs. R! A great math idea for younger or struggling students is asking them to show with their arms. Create a plus or plus / minus with arms if they think they need to add or subtract in the problem. If a student is really struggling they can peek at a neighbor. You will see but they won’t. You will also see the hesitation between signs if they are unsure which is good feed back for who needs a little extra.

Science moves too! Something I have used to help students learn about the ocean, jungle, or other similar spaces is enact the place and things that belong there. Students would start sitting in a big circle after they have a bit of knowledge on the topic (maybe day 2 of the lesson) and slowly build the place they are learning about with their bodies. Ex. Teacher begins telling the story and building the scene of an ocean. It’s a clam day beautiful blue sky/ (pick a place maybe)/ its stormy and dark/ etc. Select one or two students to be types of fish, waves, seaweed, turtles, etc. All students can be involved the quieter or less mobile students can be rocks or starfish. In the end, all students will be moving or part of the system. Ask them to look around , ask questions pertaining to what they created, send students back to tables/desks to write about the experience.

– Ameba Tag: Show students how germs spread or amebas break and form via tag. Use elbow tag for the amoeba tag base.

  • Play “Heads Up/Seven Up”/ 4 corners for a round at the end of the day or as a movement break.
  • Basket ball review for many different topics (google for examples)
  • Instead of a hand raise in a class count (like who needs passes to the library) have students stand or place a hand on the shoulder.
  • Touch your ear, lace your finders, find different ways for students to show responses and keep them engaged!

Links to More Ideas!

– Does your class have the wiggles? Need a quick bran break? Here is a list of energizers to get you refocused! Need more energizers than whats on this list? Some of these cross over but some are different. Click here for more ideas.

-Check out these two videos. Here and Here


– This free website has a ton of brain breaks! The catch is you need to log in. Watch the video on the home page for more info. Check out gonoodle.

Want a book of ideas to keep on hand? Susan Roser has a wonderful book of energizers. You can find her book on Amazon or other major book stores. Energizers! 88 Quick Movement Activities That Refresh and Refocus.

 Move ,Learn, and Enjoy!

-Miss. Moriah-


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