Bullying in schools has become harder to see with the shield of the internet. The issue of bullying needs to be addressed in school but, with so much now taking place in cyber space it is harder to see all that goes on (even with eyes in the back of your head). Making those in your classroom community as well as parents aware of what they can do to prevent, report, or mediate the situation can have a big impact. Here you will find links and tools to assist in you classroom or community.

– On this site there are things to download and use in the classroom plus, the animations talk when clicked for many parts of the site. I liked this feature for young learners or struggling readers.  The characters will read their stories making learning more adaptable as well as a fun experience.

PACER is a national website . They provide videos, stories, resources for a variety of individuals and much much more! If bulling is an issue in your room, I would check this one out. They have a good parent portion on this national page as well so it is a wonderful too to direct concerned parents to as well.

– While this might not be my top resource, it is kid friendly to use. The advice is solid and does target what to do if a student sees someone being bullied. This site asks kids to select an age range and gives advice based on what they can or should do at that age.

– Housed here are other resources to use in the classroom or have students use at home. However, it is targeted for  k-8 users.  The direct link seen here is for a list of useful to help educate about bullying of all types.

Be Kind and Grow,

-Miss. Moriah-


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