Teacher Freebies, because who doesn’t like free stuff?

Being a teacher is hard work! Between planning, meetings, grading, and copping there is a lot to do. Many people have said, Why invent the wheel?  If its there ready to why not borrow it for you room it it looks useful?

In this post you will find worksheets, discounts, downloads and more!

Enjoy 🙂

-Miss. Moriah-

Teacher Discounts: 

  • Barnes & Noble: Need books for your room? Get 20% off purchases for classroom use.
  • Crayola: Register on Crayola’s site and receive 10% off purchases and access to various activities.
  • Half Price Books: Save 10% year-round!
  • Lakeshore Learning: Teacher’s Club members receive 15% off in-store purchases. This resource is best for preschool to k-1 teachers.
  • Scholastic Teacher Store: You can take up to 75% off  at the Scholastic Teacher Store.
  • Michael’s/ Jo Ann Fabrics: Teachers can get 15% off with Id. No excuse to forget those craft sticks and yarn this year!
  • Just starting out in a blank classroom? Need to fill up those walls and your working wardrobe? Do not fear just click here! Over 100 teacher discounts can help you fill you classroom on a budget.

Worksheets and Websites Galore:

  • This page is a bunch of useful printouts.
  • Both of these sites are Common Core aligned and tell you the standards on the page. You can even get keys with the prints. Click Here and Here.

Want a quiz or sheet for a second language learner in your room? This site has some you can print or use right online! Bonus, you can get the key with the print off. View it here.

Students need a challenge? Have some extra time?

  • https://newsela.com/ is a wonderful tool! Use it to adjust the reading level of a single article so the entire class can read one thing but at their perfect level.
  • Sponsored by the library of congress,this tool is great for the inquisitive scientist in your room!
  •  Do your students need something engaging to do on a break but you don’t want to assign homework? Have computer stations but a small budget? This program is free and very engaging for all levels! All you need is a GMail account. Go to Kahn Academy.



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