Reflect and Review!

Reflect and Review!

Exit slips also known as exit tickets are often used at the end of a lesson to help teachers figure out what the students understood and where they might still have questions. These is filled out in groups or individually and can help teachers fill in the blanks from the day. They are not the only way to assess what a student learned from a lesson but they are very popular!

There is something similar often used to open lessons and get the mental juices flowing. Many know this activity as a Bell Ringer. This 2-5 minute brain opening activity or question helps students put on their thinking caps for the day ahead or review an idea from a previous day. Using one of these to intro a lesson after a few days off could help to decrease student frustration if the topic being continued was one of difficulty. The Bell Ringer can be used as a quick assessment and review of information before diving back in.

While these two items are very popularly used by teachers in classrooms to see how students are doing during the day, there are other ways to check for understanding. Included in this post are some ways you can help students quickly reflect and check for understanding with out reading an exit slip. Not all students can show what they leaned best in an exit ticket. So please see some of the alternative ideas shared here!

Note* Many of these ideas can be altered for use as early finishers or extra credit challenges depending on your students and classroom needs!

Happy Learning!

-Miss. Moriah-

Some alternatives for exit slips:

  • Journal Entry – Have students write 2-5 sentences or bullets of what they learned
  •  Postcards – Have students write a post card to an absent student or family member explaining the key ideas of what they learned. *Keep a post card style print out in the room if this is an option you provide*
  • Pair/Share – “Tell the person next to you . . .” At a wispier level, ask students to turn to the person next to them and  summarize main ideas of the lesson, answer questions you may have posted , and/or link make connections to other lessons or outside events.
  • Doodles (for upper grades or technology rooms)–an online polling system that is quick and easy to use.
  • Doodles ( like drawing!)- Students can sketch or draw concepts they learned from the lesson images and/or words.
  • Mind map- Ask students to make a mind map or graphic organizer to show what they understood about the days events. This can be alone or with a small group after a project.
  • Mad Lib Mondays- Open Monday ELA lessons with a mad lib to get the brains in your room thinking creatively and help students remember parts of speech. Share the creations with a neighbor or pick two to share aloud.
  • Go to this blog and e-mail Anne! She has wonderful, creative ideas that she is willing to share!

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